Welcome to PKF, Barcellos, Narine & Co.

PKF, Barcellos, Narine & Co. (BN&Co) which was formed in 1982 is one of the largest independent accountancy practices in Guyana and employs about 42 professional staff.

The firm is a member of the international practice of PKF since 1992 and has agreed to comply with the internationally accepted standards set out in their international Audit Practice Manual. The PKF firms are bounded by the high ethical standards of the accounting profession. These conventions require complete independence, objectivity, and full disclosure of material factors affecting findings and conclusions and protection of the confidentiality of financial data provided. These standards are brought to bear in the undertaking of each specific assignment.

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Forensic Accounting

You may be involved in a personal injury, professional negligence case or commercial litigation. You may suspect fraud or you may just require a valuation of a business or other assets. In all of these situations, our forensic accounting experts can be of vital importance in achieving a successful outcome.


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Even in today's global marketplace, the complexity of tax regimes, the variations from country to country, and the many annual changes in tax law can serve to move international borders farther apart. Expert tax advice is therefore vital if you do business overseas.

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